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Algebra III

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Algebra III - Mr. Adams



Course Summary

 Algebra III is designed for students who have successfully completed Algebra II. This course will enhance the higher level thinking skills developed in Algebra II through a more in-depth study of those concepts and exploration of some pre-calculus concepts. Students in Algebra III will be challenged to increase their understanding of algebraic, graphical and numerical methods to analyze, translate and solve quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions. Modeling real world situations is an important part of this course. Sequences and series will be used to represent and analyze real world problems and mathematical situations. Algebra III will also include a study of trigonometric functions, right triangles, and oblique triangles.



This is the course Syllabus for the class.

Algebra III syllabus


Graph Paper

Need graph paper? Go here:





All assignments are due the next day unless otherwise noted.

Algebra III Archived Assignments


Week of March 16th:

Monday: Exponential Expressions and Compound Interest

Tuesday: pg. 434 #2-42 even

Wednesday: pg. 435 #81-100

Thursday: Finish up assignments from this week



Week of March 30th:

Monday: pg. 445 #1-70 every third problem

Tuesday: Logarithm Properties Worksheet

Wednesday: pg. 456 #1-39 odd

Thursday: Exponential Equations 1

Friday: Exponential Equations 2



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