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AP Research Archived Assignments

Page history last edited by Mr. Adams 3 years, 2 months ago

Week of August 15th:


Tuesday: Welcome! AP Research Overview, Research in Other Contexts

Wednesday: Lesson 1: Situate Your Approach for the QUEST

Thursday: Lesson 2: Types of Researchers

Friday: Ted Talk, Trees; Finding your question.


Week of August 21st:

Monday: Finding Research Topics

Tuesday: Criteria for great research questions

Wednesday: Criteria for great research questions, Take your question and template it

Thursday: Speed Research Questions

Friday: Ted Talk, How Body Language Shapes the Way you are. PREP Reflection Read pg. 27-35


Week of August 28th:

Monday: How to create an Annotated Bibliography, read pg. 52-65

Tuesday: How many sources are enough, Annotated Bibliography assigned

Wednesday: Credibility and PAARC

Thursday: Searching for Sources

Friday: Ted Talk, Art that Looks Back at You, PREP Reflection/Reading Log


Week of September 5th:


Tuesday: How to create own credibility

Wednesday: Proposal Poster, Elevator speech (Due Monday)

Thursday: Self Paced Work and 1:1 Conferences

Friday: Self Paced Work and 1:1 Conferences


Week of September 11th:

Monday: Proposal Poster and Elevator Speeches, Peer Review

Tuesday: Feedback from Proposal Posters and Source Searching

Wednesday: Source Searching and Proposal Revisions

Thursday: Source Searching and Proposal Revisions

Friday: Source Searching and Proposal Revisions, TED talk


Week of September 18th:

Monday: Assumptions, Definitions, and Hypothesis

Tuesday: Identifying Assumptions, Definitions, and Hypotheses in written articles

Wednesday: Create Introduction Section Outline from Problem Statement

Thursday: Self Paced Work and Digital Portfolio signups

Friday: Guest Speaker: How to Focus a Topic in University Level Research


Week of September 25th:

Monday: Introduction Sections

Tuesday: Writing Introductions

Wednesday: Editing Introductions

Thursday: Discussion on Annotated Bibliography

Friday: "Know your Why", Upcoming Due Dates


Week of October 2nd:

Monday: Literature Review Outline, How to build a Lit Review

Tuesday: Work on Outline

Wednesday: Work on Outline, 1-on-1 Conferences

Thursday: Work on Outline, 1-on-1 Conferences

Friday: Work on Outline, Outline Due Saturday, 10 entries of Annotated Bib due Monday


Week of October 9th:

Monday: Write on Lit Review

Tuesday: Write on Lit Review

Wednesday: Peer Review on first 500 words of Lit Review Draft #1

Thursday: Finish Peer Review, Write on Lit Review

Friday: Write on Lit Review


Week of October 16th:

Monday: Write on Lit Review

Tuesday: Write on Lit Review

Wednesday: Peer Review of Complete Lit Review

Thursday: Finish Peer Review of Lit Review, Revise if time



Week of October 23rd:

Monday: Methods: Alignment, Approach, Design

Tuesday: Methods: Checking for Alignment

Wednesday: Quantitative Methods: Health Halo

Thursday: Qualitative and Mixed Methods (begin Method Section Writing)

Friday: TED Talk


Week of October 30th:

Monday: First 20 entries of Annotated Bibliography Due, Ethical Research

Tuesday: IRB and the Research proposal

Wednesday: Peer Edit Methods Section

Thursday: Discuss IRB form

Friday: Gain permission from Mr. Haver to do research.


Week of November 6th:

Monday: Research Proposal, Ethics Training Completed.

Tuesday: Research Proposal

Wednesday: Research Proposal

Thursday: Research Proposal

Friday: Research Proposal


Week of November 13th:

Monday: Research Proposal

Tuesday: Research Proposal

Wednesday: Research Proposal DUE

Thursday: Celebrate Proposal Turn In, IRB meets today

Friday: Research Proposal Returned, Concerns to be resolved by Nov. 30th.


Week of November 27th:

Monday: Research Proposal Presentation Announced,

Tuesday: Work on Proposal Presentation or Research concerns from IRB

Wednesday: Ann. Bibliography Due, Work on Proposal Presentation or Research concerns from IRB

Thursday: Research concerns from IRB Due

Friday: Work on Proposal Presentation

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