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Algebra III Archived Assignments

Page history last edited by Mr. Adams 3 months, 2 weeks ago

All previous assignments are listed here.


Week of August 12th:


Tuesday: Welcome! Math Autobiography Assigned

Wednesday: Multi Step Equations Worksheet

Thursday: pg. 16 #85-96, 111-120

Friday: Math Autobiography Due, Simplifying Expressions Worksheet


Week of August 19th:

Monday: Simplifying Expressions 2

Tuesday: pg. 31 #1-61 every other odd

Wednesday: Quiz Review: pg. 86 #1, 2, 19-22, 24-31

Thursday: Quiz: Exponents and Solving Equations Quiz

Friday: pg. 46 #1-22


Week of August 26th:

Monday: pg. 46 #23-42

Tuesday: Simplifying Radical Expressions

Wednesday: +/-/x Radical Expressions

Thursday: Rationalizing the Denominator

Friday: pg. 46 #55-64, 67-72, 75, 77, 81


Week of September 2nd:


Tuesday: pg. 46 #83-108

Wednesday: pg. 87 #41-43, 45, 47, 49, 50-51, 54-60, 63-67, 69-70

Thursday: Radical Quiz

Friday: Sine, Cosine, Tangent Worksheet


Week of September 9th:

Monday: All Six Trig Functions Worksheet

Tuesday: Finding Missing Sides

Wednesday: Right Triangle Trig Review

Thursday: Right Triangle Trig Quiz

Friday: Inverse Trig Functions


Week of September 16th:

Monday: Inverse Trig Functions 2

Tuesday: Solving Right Triangles

Wednesday: Right Triangle Trig Word Problems

Thursday: Right Triangle Trig Quiz 2

Friday: Coterminal Angles


Week of September 23th:

Monday: Flagpole Project

Tuesday: Degree/Radian Conversion

Wednesday: Drawing Radian Angles

Thursday: Degree/Radian Conversion 2

Friday: Radian Angles 2


Week of October 1st:

Monday: Radian Angles 2

Tuesday: Unit Circle 1

Wednesday: Unit Circle 2

Thursday: Law of Sines 1

Friday: Unit Circle Quiz, Law of Sines 2


Week of October 7th:

Monday: Law of Cosines 1

Tuesday: Law of Cosines 2

Wednesday: Trig Review

Thursday: Finish Trig Review

Friday: Trig Unit Test (End of 1st quarter)


Week of October 14th:

Monday: pg. 58 #1-20

Tuesday: pg. 58 #21-50

Wednesday: Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Polynomials Worksheet

Thursday: pg. 59 #59-90



Week of October 22nd:


Tuesday: Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Polynomials 2 Worksheet (counselors with Senior Scholarship)

Wednesday: pg. 71 #1-22

Thursday: Science Reasoning Skills

Friday: pg. 71 #23-48


Week of October 28th:

Monday: pg. 71 #49-55 odd, 65-83 odd

Tuesday: Factoring Review Worksheet

Wednesday: Polynomial Practice Worksheet  

Thursday: Polynomial Test #2 (with factoring)

Friday: pg. 82 #1-14


Week of November 4th:

Monday: pg. 82 #15-32

Tuesday: Multiplying/Dividing Rational Functions

Wednesday: pg. 83 #33-57 odd

Thursday: Adding and Subtracting Rational Functions

Friday: Rational Expression Review


Week of November 11th:

Monday: Rational Expression Quiz

Tuesday:  pg. 46 #83-108

Wednesday: Rational Functions Worksheet

Thursday: Rational Functions 2

Friday: Rational Functions 3


Week of November 18th:

Monday: Rational Exponent Quiz

Tuesday: pg. 854 #1-8, 9-16 part b & d

Wednesday: Matrix Operations 1   

Thursday: Matrix Multiplication

Friday: pg. 855 #27-40




Week of December 2nd:

Monday: Matrix Operations 2

Tuesday:  Matrix Operations 3

Wednesday: Matrix Quiz

Thursday: pg. 758 #5-41 (x3)

Friday: Linear Systems and Matrices


Week of December 9th:

Monday: Matrix Review

Tuesday: Matrix Test

Wednesday: Make-Up Day for missing assignments

Thursday: Prepare for Finals

Friday: Prepare for Finals


Week of December 16th:

Monday: Prepare for Finals

Tuesday: FINALS

Wednesday: FINALS

Thursday: FINALS



Week of January 6th:

Monday: pg. 112 #1-29 odd

Tuesday: pg. 112 # 31-42, 45, 47, 49

Wednesday: Fractional Equations Worksheet    

Thursday: pg. 152 #1-33 odd, skip 5, 7, 15

Friday: Quadratic Equations Worksheet


Week of January 13th:

Monday: pg. 152 #53-63 odd, 83-91, 105, 107

Tuesday: pg. 192 #17-31 odd, 58-63 all, 66, 67, 73-81 odd

Wednesday: Linear/Rational/Quadratic Quiz

Thursday: pg. 185 #1-26

Friday: pg. 185 #27-50


Week of January 20th:


Tuesday: pg. 185 #51-93

Wednesday: Inequality Practice

Thursday pg. 194 #104-121

Friday: Inequalities Quiz


Week of January 27th:

Monday: pg. 239 #1-37 odd

Tuesday: Writing Linear Equations Worksheet

Wednesday: Writing Linear Equations Worksheet 2

Thursday: pg. 135 #1-20

Friday: Complex Number Operations


Week of February 3rd:

Monday: pg. 135 #21-28. 29-43 odd, 45, 48, 53 

Tuesday: Complex Number Operations 2

Wednesday: Complex Number Quiz

Thursday: Quadratic Formula Worksheet

Friday: Finish Quadratic Formula Worksheet


Week of February 10th:

Monday: Solving Cubic Functions Worksheet

Tuesday: pg. 350 #17-32

Wednesday: Synthetic Division Worksheet

Thursday: Remainder Theorem Worksheet

Friday: Factor/Remainder Theorems Worksheet


Week of February 17th:


Tuesday: pg. 338 #25-32

Wednesday: pg. 362 #9-16

Thursday: pg. 362 #17-24, 39-44

Friday: Fundamental Theorem of Alg. Worksheet 1


Week of February 24th:

Monday: Fundamental Theorem of Alg. Worksheet 2

Tuesday: Fundamental Theorem of Alg. Quiz

Wednesday: pg. 169 #61-78

Thursday: Absolute Value Equations Worksheet

Friday: pg. 186 #61-94


Week of March 2nd:

Monday: Absolute Value Inequalities Worksheet

Tuesday: Absolute Value Quiz

Wednesday: pg. 280 #31-39

Thursday: pg. 280 #49, 53, 57, 61, 63, 81-84, 89-92

Friday: Function Operations Worksheet #1


Week of March 9th:

Monday: Function Operations Worksheet #2

Tuesday: Finish Review/Late Work

Wednesday: Composite Function Quiz (END Quarter 3)

Thursday: pg. 420 #1-10. 57, 58, 65-68

Friday: pg. 421 #53-56


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